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Bipartisan Senate passes Born-Alive Infants Protection Act package

SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS, March 30, 2001 (RFM NEWS)--On Friday, the Illinois Senate voted to pass a package of bills, titled "The Born-Alive Infants Protection Act," sponsored by State Senator Patrick O'Malley (R-18).

Senate Bills 1093, 1094 and 1095 provide medical alternatives to cases in Illinois when aborted infants have been born alive and not provided any type of medical assessments and/or care.

Senate Bill 1093 would require a separate physician, who is not involved in an abortion, to be on hand in the event an abortion might result in a live birth, for that doctor to make an independent evaluation of the viability of the infant and to provide medical care if required.

Senate Bill 1094 creates a cause of action in the event an induced labor abortion results in a live birth and the doctor or health care provider harms or neglects the infant or fails to provide proper medical care to the child after its birth.

Senate Bill 1095 defines a "born-alive infant" to include every infant member of the homo sapiens species who is born alive at any stage of his/her development.

Senate Democrat Barack Obama from Chicago's 13th District claimed the constitutionality of such legislation might eventually be challenged, convincing a number of other Democrats to either vote present or vote against the three bills.

A similar bill was overwhelmingly passed by the U.S. House of Representatives, with only 15 dissenters, including Rep. Jesse Jackson of Chicago.

Illinois Senate Minority Leader Emil Jones could not be reached for comment concerning the number of Democrats that voted against the legislation which has vast public support.

O'Malley told RFM NEWS, "My legislation asks that a live child born as a result of an abortion be fully recognized as a human person and afforded equal protection under the law."

The trio of bills now move to the full Illinois House of Representatives for further consideration.


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