Date: 11/03/00

Bush DUI trumps Gore approval of Iran arms deal--according to national media.

The press has certainly kicked into high gear concerning a DUI arrest of Gov. George W. Bush 24 years ago. The story, which was mysteriously broken by a young and seemingly quite naive FOX News reporter in Maine, was on the front page of nearly every newspaper across the United States.

The political talk shows were cast into a feeding frenzy, led by the networkís morning shows. Matt Lauer and Katie Couric had to stifle their glee when reporting the Bush story, while CBSís Bryant Gumble had to be strapped down in his chair as he reported the DUI incident. At least it seemed like that anyway.

Hereís the scenario: A cub reporter, who overheard a police officer, speaking to a secretary, who happened to know someone who just happened to have a file deleted from public records years ago, just happened to be in the right place at the right time. And we are to believe this is all purely accidental? How about this? The man who kept the crumpled and deleted file just happened to be a former gubernatorial candidate, who also was a delegate to this yearís Democratic convention in Los Angeles. And, just to put the topping on this four-layered, intrigue-filled political cake, this bombshell occurs near hours before an election Gore seems to be loosing.

OK. Now, when will the mainstream media start talking about Al Goreís possible law breaking concerning the Russian sale of high-tech weapons to Iran? For those of you who havenít heard the story, in 1995, a bit more recent that 1976, by the way, Vice-president Al Gore signed an agreement with then Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin clearing the arms sale.

Well, folks, this broke a 1992 law, sponsored by none other than Al Gore while he was in the Senate.

Now, someone please tell me, where is the feeding frenzy over a blockbuster story which--one day--may cost American lives?

They will tell you the American people are tired of scandals. Well, it seems the mainstream press is only tired of scandals when they involve liberal Democrats.

National security jeopardized? Forget about it! A terrorist state given deadly, high tech military weapons? Forget about it! A 24 year old DUI charge? Now thatís Headline News!

Itís said 70% of the American people do not trust the mainstream press. By what weíve seen recently, that number seems low to me.



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