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From the desk of Dan Zanoza

CBS News suppresses poll results

NEW YORK, NY, March 4, 2001 (RFFM NEWS)--After George W. Bush's address in front of a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, CBS News ran an overnight tracking poll which indicated public opinion favored the President's proposed $1.6 trillion tax cut. CBS polling data showed 67% of Americans supported the Bush plan. 88% of Americans who watched or heard Bush's speech approved of his proposals. However, the story did not appear on the CBS Evening News throughout the remainder of the week.

CBS News did report on a poll in the latter part of the week which indicated the Democrats held a polling edge in an obscure, technical aspect of the tax refund issue. Yet, to date, a search for that poll and its data has turned up nothing.

CBS News did not answer RFM News inquiries into information about the poll--which indicated a public dislike for an aspect of the Bush plan. Also unanswered were discrepancies in coverage and why the network did not broadcast the results of Tuesday night's tracking poll which indicated vast overall support for Bush's tax initiative.

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