Seattle, WA - Sept 3, 2000

Rabbi Daniel Lapin comments on Chinese Infanticide

Government officials in China take a healthy baby and drown it in front of the parents. The story was reported in European newspapers, including the London Times.

Surprisingly, this murder has received no attention from the US news media, electronic or print. Full Story.

We, at RFFM, wonder how American journalists can ignore such a gruesome incident.

In communications with R. L. Richter, RFFM - Seattle, Rabbi Daniel Lapin states " The majority of the media in America is pro-abortion. Partial-birth abortion is so closely linked to infanticide (killing of babies) that reporters are just unwilling to recognize it as murder and will not report it. Their refusal to confront this issue is further evidence that some journalists are willing to give up professional integrity in favor of their personal politics.  In the case of the drowning in China, we are not aware of any major US newspapers or networks willing to take this issue on."

Is it possible that this incident may cause some journalists to rethink this issue or are they willing to turn their backs on infanticide for political purposes? I truly hope the later is not the case.

Rabbi Lapin is not an official of RFFM but was kind enough to make time available on this issue.

Thank You Rabbi Lapin



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