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Clinton interview with Dan Rather reveals media denial.  Story

Grand Junction, CO - Old news but still relevant. Boy Scouts forced to stop selling Christmas Trees based on discriminatory Colorado law. Story

Network projections, not voters,  made this a close election - NBC did not air Bush speech live in the East Story

Chinese Infanticide

Hollywood and dominant media show hypocrisy with the Eminem controversy.  Dan's Commentary

1976 story trumps Gore approval of Iran arms deal? 

Gore subsidizes weapons to Iran?  Thanks to the New York Times, Gore's pact with Russia is exposed.  Full Story

Bill and Hill's dilemma

You may not see this in the news - VP Facts

"Where's the Beef?"
Like-minded press makes debate difficult.

CBS News did report on a poll in the latter part of the week which indicated the Democrats.......  Story

Washington Post
Dan Rather's credibility compromised.  Raising money for Democrats does not bode well for CBS.  Story

Illinois Senate passes bipartisan Born-Alive Infant Protection Act

Gore's choice could be trouble for Democrats.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin comments on the networks reluctance to report on Chinese officials drowning a baby. Full Story.

Death Penalty Under Attack by Networks

Rush Limbaugh
attends Washington State's annual Republican Picnic.


"You've Got Mail!" 

Harry Potter

Where's the Balance?

A study that allows the "studied" to censor the results .... hmm     Story




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