From Hugh Hewitt

Finally, the nation's worst "newspaper" is scrambling to try and recover from having totally missed the biggest bankruptcy in its city's history, and one with national and international implications. But the Lost Angeles Times cannot bring itself to write the real story of Global Crossings. The second story in two days of the collapse of LA's Enron has come and gone and still no mention of Terry McAullife's alleged $18 million profit off of a sweetheart deal from the Clinton-booster at the corporation's helm. Everyone at the Times wants to find a Lay-Bush connection and can't, but the Global Crossings-Clinton partnership is being swept under the Spring Street rug. Just don't call it journalism. But do give a call to Robert Madigan, CEO of the Tribune Company in Chicago, which owns this poor lost tip-sheet of the left. His number is 312-222-9100 x 3123.


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