The following letter by Dan Zanoza was in today's Daily Herald.


DAILY HERALD January 9, 2002

Headline put positive spin on farcical effort

I was amazed to read your Dec. 21 headline, "Gun investigation called a success despite criticisms" over the story about Jim Ryan's program to sting Internet gun dealers.

Your headline calls the program a success, when every report I have seen either suggests the attorney general was out of his element in this operation, or the attorney general's office went as far as breaking the law in an attempt to entrap innocent gun dealers.

How can you call this farce a success in the headline?

I have a great deal of respect for the Daily Herald, but the only answer I can come to concerning this fiasco is to surmise someone at the Daily Herald is playing political favoritism in the Republican gubernatorial race.

Please check into this. It really makes the Daily Herald look bad.

Dan Zanoza

Executive Director - Republicans For Fair Media


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