WGN-TV / Under the Covers vs. Undercover--Where is today's press?  "For those of us concerned about the nation's rapidly declining moral values...Life Dynamics in Texas has exposed a crime spree few media sources have reported on...Planned Parenthood and NARAL clinics have avoided reporting cases of sexual abuse involving minor children...a crime in all 50 states."  Commentary by Nedd Kareiva  Details

Activists help FOX News Channel come to Wheaton, Illinois

Common sense to the average American considered "extremism" by elite media.  Story

Wall Street Journal reports that Democrat Party Leader Terry McAuliffe earned up to 18 million dollars on the backs of Global Crossings shareholders. Is your local media reporting on this? McAuliffe spends most of his time these days complaining about the same situation over at Enron.  Both companies treated their employees and shareholders badly.   Story

By a 2-1 ratio, Americans say they trust Bush more than Democrats in Congress to deal with the country's biggest problems. Story

Democrats need to look in their own house before criticizing GOP for Enron debacle.  Full Story from Clinton advisor Dick Morris

Washington State must reform regulations and transportation or Boeing may be forced to move to a more "business friendly" climate.   Full Story from KOMO TV

Democrat Governor's have had control of Washington's purse strings for several decades.  Is it time for a change?

Democrats and Clinton in bed with Enron since 1997, according to Time Magazine.  Story

Chicago's Daily Herald is playing political favoritism. Letter to the Editor

RFFM has been on the right track! Bernie Goldberg, 30 year employee of CBS spills the beans on Dan Rather and others.  Big Story

Bias: A CBS insider exposes  .......  Details

From Dan Zanoza to the editor of The Star.

At Georgetown, Clinton makes an "almost true" statement in a speech that makes no sense and opposes his actions while in office.  Did anyone challenge him?  Of course not!  Will the real journalists please step forward at ABC, CBS and NBC?  Story

Patriotism and "tacky" beer bargains?  Story

An attack is going to take place
from Lt. Col. David Grossman (retired Lt. Col. and Professor of Military Science). This letter spells out why it will and should happen. Story    Posted 10:00 PM 10/06/01


Discovery Channel shows their colors (they aren't the Red, White and Blue).  The Discovery Channel puts undue credibility and emphasis on Europe's skewed and unfair polling data.  Employees at Discovery Channel should spend a little time watching The History Channel.  Stalin, Lenin and Hitler didn't give us much respect, either. Does Discovery think we should poll Europe and all parts of the world before protecting our own country?  If so, we indeed have a problem.  People and media outlets of such influence show themselves to be irresponsible and lacking in civil sense when they choose to spread such information as anything other than propaganda or disinformation.

Did Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings miss this?  Britt Hume, Fox News, revealed that Australia has joined the United States in rejecting the Kyoto global warming agreement.  

RFM News exposes Newsweek Magazine's bias towards women's health issues.  Story

Entertainment industry teaches skills to kill:
A former West Point professor of military psychology, Lt. Col. David Grossman says if he wanted to design a program to mentally and technically prepare people to kill, "I couldn't do a better job" than American entertainment media ..... Story      Book

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