Patriotism, capitalism -  tacky techniques

Since the tragedy of September 11th, we have seen the good side of America, evident in nearly a billion dollars raised on behalf of those who perished in New York, Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania. However, riding down the street, you can readily see those who are willing to take advantage of the terrorism which took the lives of over 6,000 innocent people.

Two cheeseburgers and fries, $2.25, God bless America, read one sign. Oil change with lube, $34.95, God bless America, read another. Extractions, $40 and up, I love the U.S.A., was yet another message that bombarded my senses.

The list of businesses willing to combine patriotism with a healthy dose of capitalism is insulting and highly inappropriate, to say the least.

One sign tells passersby they were open 24 hours a day, while another advertised cold beer, each proclaiming a love for God and country.

Itís beyond belief there are those who are taking advantage of this catastrophe for profit and personal gain. Perhaps they are that insensitive or they think their proclamations are an honest expression of patriotism.

I believe, at the very least, these advertisements are a result of extreme insensitivity. Unfortunately, however, the motives behind these crude attempts at making a buck demonstrate a cultural illness that represents the dark side of the American spirit.

Perhaps, instead of patronizing these businesses willing to use the terrorist attacks on the U.S. as a marketing tool, we should drive right by and take our business elsewhere.

But, maybe, just maybe, these people donít understand how tacky and distasteful these signs are. I find it hard to comprehend such naivetť, but if this is the case, if enough people complain, they might get the idea that there are many families who lost loved ones on September 11th. These people deserve our thoughts and prayers, not an extra hamburger for 50 cents.

Daniel T. Zanoza


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