There are a number of ways you can help RFFM encourage fair and accurate coverage of social or political issues.

Some people have time and experience to offer. For example, RFFM needs local media information. You can help by compiling a list of the media sources (TV, radio, newspapers) in your city or town. E-mail addresses, fax numbers, etc., can help us assemble a complete catalogue of people and places where Americans can share their concerns about a particular news story or an entire body of work of a media source.

Or, you can become a media watchdog yourself. We call it, "Holding the media's feet to the fire." Call them on their mistakes or lapses in judgment. Our national office in Chicago started out with a single phone call a short seven years ago.

Computer skills and fundraising knowledge are also specific areas where we need all the help we can get.

Finally, financial contributions are always welcome. RFFM is an all volunteer, full time effort. Not one dime is paid on staff salaries. The staff receives no salary. In fact, what you are reading now is RFFM's first appeal for financial aid on the Internet.

RFFM is not a tax exempt organization, so your gift will not be tax deductible. However, you will have the comfort in knowing 100% of your hard earned dollars are being used to make a difference.

NO ONE is using RFFM's method to impact the press. There are fine organizations doing great work in the area of quantifying liberal media bias.

However, RFFM works with the press, creating a working dialogue that often brings results.

RFFM's motto is: "In a democratic republic, good government is dependent upon an informed citizenry."

Any way you can help us will be a blessing. And, if you can't donate your time or money, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Daniel T. Zanoza

Founder & National Director 
Republicans For Fair Media

Please send Contributions to:

PO Box 1288
Langley, WA  98260

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